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President's Message

Hello Everyone,


As president of the Hearst, Mattice – Val Côté and Area Chamber of Commerce, it is with great pleasure that I present to you the projects we will be working on this year. As you know, we hired a full time employee, Dave Dillon, to support our efforts. Dave works hard to develop services and projects for our members.


We live in a time of challenges and change. Our survival and our growth will depend on how we will grasp the opportunities that will be presented to us. These opportunities will require effort and energy on our part, but we have already shown, in the past, our resilience and our ability to outdo ourselves. To help us through these hard times, the Chamber proposes to develop certain projects during the year.


We are currently putting the finishing touches on a web portal that will offer networking and partnership opportunities to our members. Every organization must grasp the opportunities that come with the new communication tools like social media and smartphones.


A local pride project will be developed and implemented in partnership with other local organizations. A local branding and local pride campaign must foster medium and long term economic and community development. It is needed if we want to further our development and continue to live in communities that are economically sustainable and that offer a good quality of life.


We will continue to host luncheons on various topics to help you and your organizations and to simply make us think together.


Our Chamber of Commerce has never been this dynamic and it’s all thanks to you. Thank you for your support. We couldn’t succeed without you.




Lise Joanis, President

Hearst, Mattice - Val Côté and Area Chamber of Commerce

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